Tuesday, November 2, 2021, 3:25 PM - 3:55 PM
Activating Brand Purpose & Sustainability at Retail

Globally, our desire to shop sustainably from both a social and environmental perspective is growing rapidly, and yet, sadly, we aren’t always seeing this “intention” translating into “action” in the real world. 43% of consumers say that brands actually make it harder for them to live more sustainable lifestyles and only 26% of us actually following through on making a better choice and more sustainable purchases. We will share a framework that enables brands and retailers to identify the moments that matter along the omnichannel journey in order to close the intent to action gap. 


  • People want to shop and buy more sustainably but there are several barriers along the journey that often prevent them from doing so
  • This framework allows you to identify the moments that matter to change behavior and accelerate purchase and impact
  • The biggest opportunities to drive more responsible shopping behaviors along the path to purchase include overcoming emotional and psychological resistance, inconvenience, poor perceived value, commitment and creating community. Phil and Heidi will share retail activation examples to help bring each of these to life