Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 12:40 PM - 1:25 PM
Big Forces are Shaping Customer Facing Teams. Are You Ready?

Today’s complex and ever-changing marketplace requires customer facing functions to rethink their strategic approach to omni-channel and how work gets done. We must go beyond traditional tactics and integrate new and evolving platforms, digital marketing, e-commerce, retail media, etc. These have become crucial ways we influence today’s consumer, shopper, and customer, along their journey.

The CEN Organizational Alignment Work Group collaborated to assess what gets in the way of how work gets done, skill gaps, and options for organization design and ways of working. The output is best practices and key principles that can be tailored to guide organization optimization so that customer facing teams can deliver a more holistic customer strategy and activation to facilitate accelerated long term sustainable growth.

  • This session will explore these complementary skills and capabilities in the context of considerations leaders will need to embrace as they evolve organizational structures and ways of working to satisfy a new and dynamic workforce.
  • The audience will be exposed to potential organizational optimization options that can enable more nimble resource deployment to leverage new working styles and environments.
  • This session will also help the audience understand best practices and key principles around collaborative ways of working and cross functional alignment.