Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 1:35 PM - 1:55 PM
Creating Sweet Memories (and Sales!) with Hershey's + HEB & Dia de los Muertos!

Candy is a crucial part of Halloween celebrations and seasonally designed packs reign supreme. So when H-E-B cut their factory buy of priority pack-types by 18.3% during a “pandemic” holiday, it left a gap in Hershey’s in-store assortment, and possibly the shopper experience. What Hershey realized was that Halloween wasn’t the only thing that mattered to the H-E-B shopper. H-E-B is not only a Texas favorite, they are also Dia de los Muertos diehards, and it manifests at the store level in merchandise, display, promotions, community sponsorships and more. This presented a unique opportunity to connect with H-E-B shoppers who overwhelmingly identify as Hispanic. In fact, they are two times more likely to have both Hispanic and American cultures integrated into their lives. We understood while our specific shopper may be American by nationality, she makes no bones about her strong connection to her ancestry. Halloween and Dia de los Muertos happen within days of each other, creating the perfect opportunity for Hershey to drum up candy cravings at H-E-B while appealing to the shopper’s appreciation for culture as well as her tendency to shake up traditions with her family. Combining our shopper’s love for family and heritage, we reimagined how she uses Hershey to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. We successfully redirected shoppers to reach for themed creations vs. themed bags with a new way to celebrate and create traditions during the Dia De Los Muertos celebration with a Sugar Skull Candy tray. Activating across multiple retailer, influencer and digital media tactics- we brought the solution to life in a relevant and holistic way. The program closed and exceeded our factory order gap through non-seasonal party bags and reached 121.4% sell through!

  • Agility in shopper planning- don’t be afraid to adjust your sails when faced with a sizeable challenge. Taking risk and thinking outside of the box allows for further and deeper learning across the retailer ecosystem
  • Opportunity through deep understanding- diving headfirst into our shoppers’ demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, purchase behavior and more; you can uncover new usage occasions and build a relationship with them
  • Get key stakeholders on your side- demonstrating both the insight, alignment to the retailers’ priorities, and size of the opportunity to the sales team & retailer is both critical from a sell in standpoint but also from an execution standpoint (compliance)